Hi friends and happy last Friday of 2017!

I’m so sad to see the most wonderful time of the year come to an end, but super excited to start 2018!

2017 was such a good year to me on a personal level. My husband and I were able to buy our first home, I was able to grow professionally, and was able to travel to my favorite city (New York) twice!

I have big plans and goals for 2018, so I decided to make a list to keep myself accountable.

  1. Become a U.S Citizen, currently I am a permanent resident, after 23 years of living here I figured it’s time.
  2. Live with a more plant-base diet. This is not only for my health but also for the environment and of course the animals.
  3. Live a more active lifestyle. This is mostly for my health, I need to loose weight but don’t want to make that my only resolution, I want to actually have a plan on how to do it.
  4. Learn how to ride a bike – this one I’ve just been putting it off for years.
  5. Concentrate on paying off my student loans, or at least a portion of them.
  6. Make more time for my family and friends, spend as much time with those I love.
  7. Manage my money, really focus on what I spend money in. Making sure I buy quality long lasting pieces, rather than cheap options (for example, clothes and jewelry)
  8. Focus time on me. Find a balance with work and other commitments to give myself enough time to grow, weather that is read a book, go back to school, travel, or simply just pampering myself.

I think that’s all for now, so I’ll leave you with a picture of my sweet pup and wishing you happy holidays (because I’m not ready to say goodbye yet) and a happy & safe new year!