#themeweek: Galaxy Lips

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If you read my blog (first of all, thank you! ) you know that I’m part of a makeup group on Facebook. This week’s theme was Lip Art. I decided to do Galaxy lips, I’ve been trying to get a little more creative. Check them out!


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Happy Sunday!

Let’s Get Real Saturdays: Time for a Change

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Hope you’re all having a great Saturday.

So this post has nothing to do with make-up, but it does have something to do with beauty.

This week has been a great one, so many things have happened that have made me very happy. However, behind all of it, there has been something bothering me. Something that has been weighing on my shoulders. It’s just that, my weight.

Last weekend was my friends birthday party, it went from being a water gun fight in the park to a pool party. When I saw that it had changed to a pool party, my heart sank. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go, I knew I would choose to not got. Her and her friends are all so pretty and skinny, and I am not. I chose to miss out on her birthday party, because of my weight.

And I feel horrible.

Now this doesn’t mean that I’m going to turn this into a weight loss blog (because honestly I’ve started too many of those that always fail), but I do want to make a change.

There’s so many things that I want to do, that I don’t do because of my weight. Like starting a YouTube channel, I’ve been wanting to do that for a while, but I’m to afraid to show my fat face and take all the negative comments. I’ve also wanted to go zip lining, but am too afraid that the line won’t hold me.

I’m tired of feeling this way, I need to make a change. I want to feel beautiful again.

Does anyone have any tips?

Spotlight featuring: TheHautelista

Hi lovelies,

Check out my friend at TheHautelista! She posts amazing looks and recently started a YouTube channel, so be sure to check out her videos too.

My First Youtube Video: National Pink Day MOTD — thehautelista

Hello Listas, Hope everyone is having a great start of the week ready for it to be the weekend. I know I am. Lol. I am a little late posting this considering this was last week. -_- When I heard there is a National Pink Day I am like HOLLA! I love pink because it […]

via My First Youtube Video: National Pink Day MOTD — thehautelista

Nyx Cosmetics Macaron Lippies

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Happy Monday!

I’ve been looking for these babies for a while, and I was finally able to find some of them at Ulta. These are the NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lippies. I am still missing seven of these (I found the black one at another visit).

Left to Right: Orange Blossom, Black Sesame, Coconut, Lavender $5.99 @ Ulta



Overall the color payoff is “meh”. The formula is super creamy, which makes the color come out super sheer and you have to apply it several times to get the right color. Also, I am used to matte formulas, and this feels like it never dries, so that may take a while to get used to. One of the solutions I found to this was patting color eye shadow to help make it more matte.

I give these a 3 out of 5.

Still on the hunt for the Pistachio color though, but am excited to try the black.



What is in my June Ipsy Bag?

Hi lovelies,

Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a fantastic Sunday night!

I am winding down with a good mint tea, a much needed at-home facial (I love starting the week with clean fresh skin) and a blog post.

Here is what was in my ipsy bag, plus a mini review of the things I’ve been able to use so far.

Japonesque Solid Brush Cleaner $20@ Ulta

First off is the Japonesque Solid Brush Cleaner, which I absolutely love! Cleaning my brushes can sometimes be a hassle, especially since I use a lot of different eye-shadow brushes to avoid mixing colors. This is super easy to use, all you have to do is wet your brush and rub it on the solid balm in the container. This cleans your brushes thoroughly, is super easy to use and smells amazing! I give it a 10+.

Vasanti Kajal Waterline Eyeliner Pencil – Intense Black $19 @ vasanticosmetics.com

Next is this Vasanti eyeliner, it says it’s for the waterline, but I used it on my top lids and really liked it. The consistency is very smooth, so you avoid the pulling and tugging that can sometimes happen with pencil/solid eyeliners. It did smudge very easy, which makes me think that it would be very messy to use on the actual water line. I’ll keep you posted.

Urban Decay Lounge Eyeshadow $19 @ urbandecay.com
Urban Decay Lounge Eyeshadow – Closeup

This Urban Decay shadow is very pretty and pigmented. It has blue, green, red, brown tones, so it really depends on how the light hits it. I have not used it, but am very excited to try. The sample size is about the size of a penny.

Dirty Little Secrete – Baked Highlighter in Bellisima $9 @ dirty-little-secrete.com

This baked highlighter has a very nice pink shimmer, it reminds me of the MAC mineralize blushes, but very affordable in comparison.

Mark Anthony – Dream Waves Beach Spray $8.29 @ walgreens.com

Lastly, is the Mark Anthony – Dream Waves Beach Spray. This I’m not super excited to try, mainly because I have super straight hair, so no waves or curls ever stay. But I am planning to go to a swimming hole (super popular in Texas) this Wednesday, so I’ll give it a try there!

Hope you guys liked this post! Are any of you subscribed to ipsy, if so what was in your bag?

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Mucho love – Mareza.

Review Time! WetnWild Lippies

Hi lovelies,

Today I am going to be reviewing the Wet n Wild Ombre Lip Want. I found them at Target (the land of beautiful things) this month and I just had to get all three. I checked their website but can’t find them anywhere, does anyone know anything else about these?!


The tree shades I found are: Mutually Beneficial, Pretty Pocket Pair and Sisters in Charms.

I feel the color combinations really work and compliment each other. Each of the colors on their own are beautiful and very pigmented.


Mutually Beneficial

My absolute favorite is Mutually Beneficial, although the ombre look doesn’t really show in this picture, it definitely  stands out when you wear it. The colors mix very well and can make for a bright springy lip. This formula is creamy but goes on matte, also extremely pigmented and even when you use oil based make-up remover, your lips will still have a rosy stain that I personally really like.

Pretty Pocket Pair

Next is Pretty Pocket Pair. This gives you the perfect vampy lip that you can rock for a bold day look or a sultry night out. The formula for this color is very creamy and when both colors mix it has a slight shimmer to it, so it’s not completely matte.

Sisters in Charms

Finally, Sisters in Charms. This one I have a love-hate relationship with. I don’t like the more nude color, but when mixed with the pink color it gets this beautiful peach lip. It’s a little light and not so pigmented. but the color still wears nicely. This formula is a little dryer and can get crusty on your lips.

Overall thoughts: 

Pros: Budget friendly, very pigmented, nice formula and cruelty free

Cons: Very little product, breaks easily

What’s in my May Ipsy Bag?!

Hi lovelies,

I have been away for a while… a long while, but I want to get back into the habit of updating at least twice a week.

So where have I been?

I got married in April and then went on the honeymoon with my hubby. I’ve also been super busy at work, but I’m back!

Now about the May Ipsy Bag, first impression… I love the design of the bag. Instead of having a zipper, it has a little clip at the front which I really like. Plus the pattern is super fun and makes me want to travel.

The samples inside are pretty interesting and I am definitely excited to try them. I’ve never heard of some of these brands, but I especially like that they are vegan and cruelty free. I’ve also included the link and full size prize if you’re interested. Here they are:

Sperm Whale Brush – $3.99 http://glamourdollsmakeup.com/products/sperm-whale-brush
Hibiskiss Flavored Lip Color in Coral- $4.99 http://crazyrumors.com/all-natural-lip-colors/hibiskiss-lip-colors-new/coral-new.html
20160514_164700 (2)
Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics in Caribbean Sun – $24.95 http://jellypongpong.com/face/20-caribbean-sun.html
Eva Nye Hungry Hair Oil Treatment – $20 http://eva-nyc.com/products/oil
Smashbox X-Rated Mascara – $22 http://www.smashbox.com/product/6030/39357/Eyes/Mascara/X-RATED-MASCARA/NEW/index.tmpl

Are you subscribed to Ipsy? What did you get?