Skin Care Essentials

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I live in Houston TX, proud home of the Houston Livestock Rodeo, Beyoncé and the most unpredictable weather! This “winter” we’ve seen temperatures as low as 35° and as high as 85°, this change in weather can be tough on my skin, which is why I need to stay on top of my (face) skincare routine.Below are some essentials with info on price and where to buy.

I provided the price is for full size items. Sometimes skin care can be a tad-bit expensive, but it is important to remember that you are investing and not spending. Besides, your skin is the largest organ, so it’s important to take care of it! Also, do some research before you go into a store, sometimes sales associates (although helpful) may try to get you to buy the most expensive item, if you have a problem saying no, like me, you could end up buying something you don’t like or need.

Always ask if there are trial/travel/sample sizes available for a product. This way you can test on your skin and see if you like it before investing in it.

Not included in the post is a good face-friendly SPF. Currently in the market for one that won’t leave an oily residue. Any suggestions?

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