Hi friends and happy last Friday of 2017!

I’m so sad to see the most wonderful time of the year come to an end, but super excited to start 2018!

2017 was such a good year to me on a personal level. My husband and I were able to buy our first home, I was able to grow professionally, and was able to travel to my favorite city (New York) twice!

I have big plans and goals for 2018, so I decided to make a list to keep myself accountable.

  1. Become a U.S Citizen, currently I am a permanent resident, after 23 years of living here I figured it’s time.
  2. Live with a more plant-base diet. This is not only for my health but also for the environment and of course the animals.
  3. Live a more active lifestyle. This is mostly for my health, I need to loose weight but don’t want to make that my only resolution, I want to actually have a plan on how to do it.
  4. Learn how to ride a bike – this one I’ve just been putting it off for years.
  5. Concentrate on paying off my student loans, or at least a portion of them.
  6. Make more time for my family and friends, spend as much time with those I love.
  7. Manage my money, really focus on what I spend money in. Making sure I buy quality long lasting pieces, rather than cheap options (for example, clothes and jewelry)
  8. Focus time on me. Find a balance with work and other commitments to give myself enough time to grow, weather that is read a book, go back to school, travel, or simply just pampering myself.

I think that’s all for now, so I’ll leave you with a picture of my sweet pup and wishing you happy holidays (because I’m not ready to say goodbye yet) and a happy & safe new year!


Waco – Day Trip

Hi friends!

Today I realized I haven’t posted in over a year, and it bums me out because it’s something that I really enjoy. So here’s a go – almost new year, almost new me.

This weekend my best friend and I decided to do a day trip to Waco, TX. It’s about a 3 hour drive from Houston, and just the cutest little city-town. One of the main reasons we wanted to go was to visit Magnolia Market, which is owned by Chip & Joanna Gaines from “Fixer Upper”, which I’ve been obsessed with!

The market is amazing and so beautiful, but of course it is. There is an open space where you can eat and play, there’s the Magnolia Seed Supply garden and store, the bakery and the main store. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy, so we weren’t able to hang out outside as much as we wanted. But we were able to do some shopping at the store as well as a couple of cupcakes from the bakery, which are amazingly delicious, and we got to see Santa Claus.



After Magnolia Market, we visited a place called Spice Market, which was shopping heaven. They had so many Christmas decorations, clothes, accessories and just super cute trinkets.

Wish we could have had more time, but we definitely had fun. If you have a chance to go, you should check it out.

What did you do this weekend?

Thanks for stopping by!


Dia De Los Muertos

Today is the first day of a beautiful 2 day holiday/festival – Dia de los Muertos, which translates to Day of the Dead. Unfortunately, many have reduced the holiday to colorful facepaint and costumes – but it is much more than that. So if you’re interested in learning a little bit more, keep reading!

Day of the Dead starts on Nov. 1st and 12 am – at this time the gates of heaven open and the spirits of all the little kids, infants and babies come down to reunite with their families. This first day is called Dia de los Angelitos – Day of the little Angels. On Nov. 2nd the spirits of the adults come down and join the party!

Down here family and friends build beautiful altars to welcome the spirits of the dead. They fill them with their favorite foods, drinks, candies and other things. Here is a list of the altar essentials:

  1. Candles
  2. Pictures of the honored guests – the departed
  3. Cempazúchil flowers – with their bright colors and intoxicating smell these flowers guide the spirits to the altars
  4. Salt – to purify
  5. Incense
  6. Papel picado- tissue paper cut in designs like skulls and skeletons to decorate
  7. Representation of Elements – fire (candles), papel picado (wind), fruits (earth) and water
  8. Skulls – Usually made of sugar, these represent what happens to all of us when our lives end
  9. Pan de Muerto
  10. Food and drink – Favorite foods of the deceased
  11. Religious figures – Crosses, saints, virgins
  12. Favorite objects of the deceased
  13. Dog skeletons – to show companionship (can be any pet really)

These are things that my family does, it may vary by family or region, but you get the idea. Here is a picture of the one we put up for my uncle and great grandparents – it’s small but we put it up with lot’s of love.

If you have any of your won please share!

House Hunting

Hi lovelies,

I hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday evening. I am here sitting with a hot cup of peppermint tea and a face-mask, getting ready to face next week.

I haven’t had a chance to do a post in a while, I am having problems uploading pictures onto my computer, so I decided to blog a bit of a “life-update” – in case anyone cares.

Another reason that I haven’t been able to blog as much is that my husband and I are looking for a house. That, along with so many birthdays has been keeping me busy. I also started a new job, I don’t know if I had mentioned that before.

So I’ve been staying busy, but so far 2016 has been a pretty awesome year.

Hope you’re all doing great!

– Mareza

July Ipsy Bag

Hi lovelies and Happy Tuesday!

It’s that time of the month again… no not my period haha, its Ipsy GlamBag post!

So if you’re interested in seeing what’s in the bag, keep reading.

Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t a unicorn!


So first of the bag is super cute. It has little umbrellas, kind of like a beach summer theme, but the actual bag is iridescent. Also how cute are those stickers?!

treStiQue Mini Highlight Stick

Next is this little highlight stick. The pay-off is super nice, very pigmented and will definitely have me saying “yaaaas queen!”.

See swatch below.


This highlighter reminds me of a dupe for “Watt’s Up!” by Benefit Cosmetics.

Next, I got an eyeshadow and a lip liner. Both are a very pretty deep burgundy color.The lip liner was from OFRA in the color Maya and the eyeshadow is from The Balm “Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette.

The Balm Eyeshadow & Ofra Lipliner
Ofra lip liner in Maya $13.
The Balm in Matt Kumar


And finally an angled brush from Luxiebeauty and a hand cream from Delectable.

Delectable Hand Cream in Lemon &Cream $12 and Angled Brush from Luxie $10

Overall, I am super happy with this bag. The cosmetics are so rich and pretty, and perfect for fall, which is right around the corner! The cream smells delicious, like a dessert and the brush has a super fine brush, which I think will perfect for lining with eyeshadow.

Did you get your July Ipsy bag yet? What was in your bag?

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Lush Cosmetics Review

Hi lovelies,

Hope you all had a great start to your week!

Two weeks ago I went to LUSH Cosmetics and bought myself some goodies. I wanted to try these out before posting about them so I could do a little review, so here it is!


First of, I got the Roots Hair Treatment. My hair is very fine, thin and lacks volume so this treatment is supposed to make your hair shine without weighing it down. You leave it in your hair for about 20 mins and then shampoo. It has mint in it so it it makes your scalp tingle, I really really like it. Afterwards my hair is so shiny and soft, and smells really good.


Next is the Dark Angels face & body cleanser. This contains black sugar and charcoal that absorb excess oils. I have oily skin which can sometimes break out, especially during that time of the month or the summer months. So this was right up my alley! The only thing is I recommend taking this off in front of a mirror to ensure you remove everything from your face, I did it in the shower and when i came out half my face was still black from the charcoal, it looked as if I had a beard. lol.


The last thing I got was the Mask of Magnaminty. I absolutely love this! It has China clay and peppermint which help extract all the nasty stuff living in my pores, it also leaves a tingly feeling, I love mint! Aside from this, it also has honey and vanilla which help calm redness and soothe the skin. I leave this on for about 15 mins and then wash off in the shower.


I hope you guys enjoyed this mini review, and to buy any of these products visit a store near you or visit

Do you guys have any lush favorites you recommend?